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  • July 31, 2020
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We’ve all heard at least one horror story about a person returning home from a long vacation only to find that his/her house has been broken into or a pipe has burst. Going away on vacation and leaving home dark and unkempt for a long period of time is often when a thief makes their move. These problems can expense thousands of dollars to repair and are sure to cause too much stress. Fortunately, below you will find a variety of tips and tricks that will help you how to prevent security breaches while you go out of town and truly relax while you’re on vacation.

1. Install a Monitored home security system
Home security is certainly necessary and there are many opportunities to choose from, so make sure which one fits your home. You can set up cameras that will send live video to your smart-phone, laptop, or your tablet. Hence you can watch what’s going on at the same time Even if you’re going overseas or somewhere with the weak data network. With a Prolux monitored home security system, the alarm company calls you when there’s a breach. This small funding is well worth your peaceful mind.

2. Ensure all windows and doors are sealed
This is a step that’s easy to forget. Control that all doors and windows are sealed and locked. Many break-ins are carried out by Open windows door or forcing a vulnerable lock. Ensure you have solid doors – rather than the type with polystyrene filling – and everything is closed tight before you head out. It’s especially important to check if you have children or teenagers, as they tend to be laxer in their security habits. These few easy tips to protect your home can lead to more peace of mind on your vacation.

3. Install an alarm and activate it!
If you install an alarm system, make sure it’s correctly activated before you go out. If not, having an alarm system installed in your home can bring you more than peace of mind.
Don’t have an alarm system? Fool burglars by hanging security company signs.
We’ve noted our security Prolux alarms below to see which one you need more!

4. Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday on social media pages
Don’t tell people that you are leaving home or for how far. Social media pages are easy for thieves to monitor. Decrease the holiday posts to a minimum until it’s time to come home. So, you should not brag about your upcoming holiday on social media such as Facebook or Instagram – you don’t know who can read your captions, or who they will tell.

5. Make sure the home looks lived in
Opportunistic burglars will look for signs that a house is vacant; it’s an open invitation to a burglar. So, having lights on automatic timers, your house doesn’t sit dark at night. You can also get photosensitive electric lights that turn on when a specific level of darkness is reached. And keeping curtains in a usual position are all good tricks of keeping your home or apartment a little bit more secure. If you can leave a radio on low without disturbing your neighbors, it’s probably a good idea to do so. Numerous families have waited until an offense has taken place to think about proofing their home on vacation. The risks are very high to go another day without securing your valuables.

6. Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your post
Further to the above point, some burglars will look for signs of vacant by having a glance through the postbox. Call your newspaper service to prevent deliveries and complete a mail-hold form. Even though you don’t live there full time, you can still get to know your neighbors and find someone you trust with your information. Ask them to pick up free newspapers and water your house plants. This won’t only keep them healthy for your return but also will stop them looking wilted and evidence an absent owner.

7. Install a video doorbell
A video doorbell allows you to answer your front door from anywhere. Each time someone rings the doorbell, you’ll get an alert on your phone so you can see and speak to the visitor in real-time. If you’re out of network coverage on the village or walking through the jungle, you can still access to recorded video. Some models also have motion detection abilities, so you’ll still get an alert even if the person doesn’t actually ring the bell.
Check out a great Prolux video doorbell picks below.

8. Check batteries in all home security devices
This one’s pretty simple, but it often ignores. At regular intervals check all your security and safety devices—motion detectors, cameras, and smoke detectors—to ensure their batteries won’t run out while you’re on vacation. Choose high-quality batteries over budget-friendly batteries, since they probably have more lifetimes.

9. Unplug nonessential electronics
Unplugging unnecessary electrical appliances —TVs, computers, microwave oven, washing machine, fans, gas, etc.—will both reduce the risk of fire and keep your money. Electrical fires account for 13% of total residential fires in the United States, and if you’re away from home, there’s nothing you can do to stop these fires when something malfunctions. The power used by plugged-in electronics while they’re not in use, sometimes called phantom or standby power, accounts for 5–10% of residential energy use.

10. Check your household insurance before going on vacation
It’s essential that you know you’re covered by your home insurance. Before leaving for vacation, speak with your home insurance agent or call your insurance carrier for the full range of details.

11. Report any street lighting problems
A darkened street can make a home more appealing to burglars. If Street lights have problems in your area, ensure the local government knows about it then lights can be fixed at the right moment.

12. Keep your valuables safe
Keep treasures hidden and don’t leave them where they can be seen over a window. Prevent obvious hiding places such as your drawer, in fake food cans in the kitchen – housebreakers are wise to this trick – and in the freezer, unless you are prepared to wrap absolutely everything in foil to make your jewelry totally indistinguishable from your food.

13. Invest in security cameras
Finally, the most basic trick of all is maybe the most important.
A small number of well-placed security cameras both indoor and outdoor can mean the distinction between catching a criminal or not. Get something like the indoor/outdoor Prolux system, which is motion-activated and will send alerts and video clips to your smartphone so you can take immediate action. This camera and others like it also allow you to remotely drop in on your cameras in real-time and live stream whatever’s going on at your house.
We’ve included a picture of our favorite Prolux indoor IP cameras below.


Going on vacation is super exciting and challenging. Now that it is all booked up and paid for, your suitcases are packed, as mentioned above we’ve got a number of important actions and tricks that need to leave your monitored home alone with confidence and enjoy your long-awaited break.

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